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Spill Control Equipment:

Rescu-Life Africa does have its own branded Spill Control Equipment range of products which will cover all Hydrocarbons related as well as Chemical related incidences.

Fire, rescue and medical equipment: our company is a direct importer of CE and NFPA approved equipment, being the direct importer, we can always guarantee you the best prices.

Hazardous Waste management and consulting services including:

  • Asbestos related products clean up and safe disposal.
  • All planned and emergency related HAZMAT clean-up work.
  • Fire decontamination and clean up.
  • Hazardous waste cleaning.                                    
  • Chemical (Laboratory) repacking and safe disposal.
  • Rehabilitation and Clean up of Pollution Contaminated areas.
  • Training on all Spill Control Equipment and Products.

Treatment Plants for Liquid and Solid waste streams:


  • Liquid treatment for Sewer disposal.
  • Oil – Water Separation.
  • Oil Filters.
  • Oil Sumps.


  • Bio Remediation of Hydrocarbon related contaminated soil.
  • Different Hazardous waste stream treatment processes for solids.
  • Fluorescent Tubes and Energy Saver Globes Treatment.  

Africa Projects:

  • All Hazmat related cleanup projects in Africa.
  • Spill Control Equipment and Product supply to Africa.
  • All Specialized Training for Africa market.
  • Emergency standby duties for all company events.