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As part of the future growth and to provide a better Environmental service which also includes Green Solutions to our broad customer base, Rescu-Life Africa has decided to expand its core service of training only professional emergency workers, and to diversify into, using all our SAQA accredited unit standards, provide industry as a whole with all the necessary regulatory required short emergency courses to meet all the law enforced Health and safety regulations.

Being the only private training academy in Southern Africa with all the necessary accreditations to provide ALL the courses mentioned below, these are all SAQA accredited, which would allow you as the employer the claim these course costs back.

Furthermore with our professional accreditations, nationally and internationally, we furthermore take pride in being one of the only companies that can access the needs of your company, and custom write courses to cover your company’s exact needs.

What furthermore makes this company unique is that it is the only company that has upto 200 students and 25 highly qualified instructors that are at our disposal to utilise for immediate service; this includes large hazmat spills, training of your personal, standby duties, responding to and assisting in the fighting of any large fires.