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The Managerial staff of Rescu-Life Africa currently comprises of:

Christopher Victor Jacka

Director / Principle / Spokesperson

Willemien Grundling

Spokesperson / General / Operational Manager

Westian van der Heever              

Fire Manager

Alex Eleuteri     

Fire and Rescue Practical Coordinator

Werner van der Heever               

Fire & Rescue Admin Coordinator

Further to the above mentioned we have 11 full time instructors covering all three service fields. Most of our instructors are qualified and registered as Assessors and Moderators with various SETA’s.

Our Staff and instructors combined have over 150 years of practical experience in one of the world’s biggest metropolis, the City of Tshwane.  Chris Jacka was a Divisional Officer, Westian a Senior Station Officer, prior to their moving to Rescu-Life Africa as senior members of our staff.