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In order to present these courses in a professional manner, Rescu-Life Africa also has the following equipment available at the college, we also exceed the equipment requirement of the various accreditation bodies and is thus in a position to make use of the extra equipment not in use for OFF-Site training and respond to various major disasters to assist where needed with our own equipment:

  • 2 x Fire Tenders
  • 2 x Response Vehicles;
  • 1 x Ambulance;
  • 2 x Combis to transport personnel to scenes;
  • 2 x Skid Units for veld fires;
  • “Hot House” for live fire training;
  • Training ambulance;
  • 4 x High Pressure compressors
  • 2 x 8m Sea Rescue boats

In terms of specialized training, we have the following equipment:

  • 4 x ALS mannequins;
  • 8 x IV training arms;
  • 4 x Maternity dolls (normal and “breech” deliveries);
  • 3 x wound simulation kits; and
  • Different types of ECG machines and various drug examples to effectively train prospective students.